Service Matters.

Creative thinking and a focused team deliver successful results.


  • Strategic assessment of client business.
  • Propose a sale and divestiture strategy.
  • Prepare necessary marketing documentation that includes offering memorandums to profile businesses to potential buyers.
  • Review valuation parameters to determine appropriate sale price.
  • Conduct extensive buyer search, on a global basis if appropriate, and identify and analyze key potential candidates.


  • Approach potential buyers to determine initial interest.
  • Assist management in presentation preparation to potential buyers.
  • Coordinate presentations and discussions with potential buyers.
  • Receive formal offers and analyze and screen proposals.
  • Negotiate terms & conditions.
  • Manage buyer's due diligence inspection process to minimize disruption to business.
  • Close transaction.


  • Operating & financial history and projection
  • Trends and drivers for success in the niche
  • Opportunities for synergy and growth


  • Create Executive Summary and Descriptive Memorandum
  • Identify prospective acquirers
  • Agree on marketing strategy


  • Contact each prospect
  • Execute Confidentiality Agreement
  • Coordinate management meetings and presentations
  • Receive, analyze and negotiate letters of intent


  • Coordinate financial and legal Due Diligence
  • Negotiate Definitive Agreement