• Oaklins & Alexander Hutton

Grounds for Optimism in the Eye of the Storm



The relevance and impact of software as a service (SaaS) companies on the economy, but also society in general, has seen continuous growth in recent years. With better infrastructure, sophisticated devices and software solutions, SaaS is deeply involved not only in large institutional processes, but also in our daily lives. The Oaklins SaaS team has solid expertise in the industry regarding trends, M&A rationale and strategic drivers.

Oaklins Enterprise SaaS Specialist, Aplo Luostarinen, comments "What makes SaaS companies particularly adaptable to changing market conditions is the continuity of the sales model combined with the flexibility of the cost structure. While sales and marketing spend typically accounts for approximately 30% of a SaaS company's cost base, one of the key ways to manage uncertainty is to limit growth investment. Focus on upscales and cross-sales to existing customers is emphasized, as sales to new customers is slowing down for many businesses."

In this Spot On, we would like to present some insights into the industry and valuations. Furthermore, we want to assess the impact of the drastic change in the world that COVID-19 has brought us.

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Oaklins Enterprise SaaS Spot On October
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