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Having just completed my second tour of duty as a CEO, I was approached by James Thompson and Scott Hardman to join the Alexander Hutton team as a Senior Advisor. They wanted more people with both private equity and operating experiences to help guide companies through strategic transactions. They were specifically looking people who have “done it,” not more deal folks. Here is what I have found so far:

With its deep roots in the Pacific Northwest and leveraging its significant global reach, I believe Alexander Hutton provides a truly unique value proposition for founders and owners, entrepreneurs, and management teams to explore strategic alternatives. I was surprised to learn that the Seattle-based senior banking team is comprised of experienced operators with over 120 years of combined experience building and investing in or running dynamic businesses across a number of industries and verticals. They understand that each business faces a unique set of circumstances given capital structure, ownership, market dynamics and numerous other factors which impact business operations and outcomes. Their commitment is to create a dynamic partnership, work with clients to develop the best solutions based on your go forward strategy, and be your advocate to maximize the value to you and your stakeholders.

What do I believe makes them different? First, Alexander Hutton focuses on creating long term relationship through a servant mindset. I have witnessed client engagement where they listen to client’s goals and objects and engage in the conversation driven by values of honesty, kindness, and integrity. Second, they develop and build partnerships through mutual trust and respect. They want to ensure the partnership is mutually benefits both parties. Third, they partner with clients to develop a go-to-market strategy for the company whether it is undertaking a strategic acquisition; selling all, a majority, or a portion of the company; raising capital or debt to fund operations; or deciding to continue operate the business, as is, and explore other opportunities in the future. They ensure that clients are comfortable with the go forward plan. Finally, they leverage a team approach to execute on the plan. As a client of Alexander Hutton, you have access to the full network and mindshare of the organization. They leverage the experience, background, and knowledge of their Seattle based team and expand outward to the broader Oaklins network to gain additional global perspectives and market insights. Our global presence also provides access to additional markets and opportunities not many other firms can match.

I’m very pleased with the decision to join the team. I believe that this combination of experience and global reach creates a truly unique value proposition for companies.

Please reach out to me or the broader Alexander Hutton team to start a conversation.

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