• Alexander Hutton Team

Market Insight - Montana

November 2020

The state of Montana has experienced explosive growth in 2020, fueled by a mass influx of city-dwellers with the new freedom to work remotely.

With Montana ranking first in middle-class growth and fourth in the nation in the best business tax climate, the Montana Economic Development Report notes, "With geography removed as a constraint in many professional fields through broadband connectivity, Montana is enjoying very strong in-migration, excellent growth in median wages, and very strong overall economic conditions."

The M&A market in Montana has historically been less active than many large markets; but as the state continues to grow, deal activity is on the rise. Alexander Hutton Managing Director and Montana Ambassador, James Thompson, comments "Montana is one of the fastest growing states in the US, but it is 48th in terms of per capita income. With recent migration trends driving further population growth, this is an ideal place to invest in and grow great companies."

This Market Insight report includes highlights from the State's growth and business environment as well as trends and recent deal activity!

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Market Insights - Montana
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