• Oaklins & Alexander Hutton

The Buildtech Revolution - Now is the Time

Building Materials Spot On | September 2020

Traditionally, the construction sector has been slower than other industries, such as financial services and consumer goods, in the uptake of technology. We are beginning to see increased implementation of buildtech (building technology), such as internet of things (IoT), within the construction sector as it seeks to address its traditional challenges, including high volumes of paperwork and major reliance on human input.

Our colleague and Oakilns' building materials specialist, Brian Livingston, provides insight on the transitions taking place in the market, "We explore the key drivers behind the increased buildtech uptake in buildings and on construction sites worldwide and the potential benefits from introducing technology across the building materials value chain. We believe the increasing use of buildtech will only accelerate and will remain a key focus for investment and M&A for years to come."

In this issue of Spot On, we follow Mr. Livingston as he looks at:

  • how different parts of the building materials value chain can benefit from introducing technology into operations

  • how IoT is benefiting the construction sector

  • the merger and acquisition dynamics in the global building materials market

We consider the driving forces behind these changes and who might benefit. To read the full version of the Building Materials Spot On, click the link below!

Oaklins Building Materials Spot On Sep 2
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