• Alexander Hutton Team

The Road Ahead

In early 2019 after selling HaloSource, Inc. to Strix, PLC, Scott Hardman approached me about returning to Alexander Hutton to join the M&A team. While I considered several CEO/CFO opportunities, I jumped at the chance to play a role between those that operate companies and those that finance companies. Having “been on all sides of the table,” I welcomed the opportunity to share the wisdom of the many ups and downs of my career. I have enjoyed the last year working with a team of passionate people whom I have known and respected for over 20 years (having been an intern in 1997 and worked in the venture fund 1999-2005.) In having all Managing Directors at Alexander Hutton as former CFOs and CEOs was very enticing for me. Having “sat in the chair” of our clients we offer a much deeper and more meaningful level of advice, unmatched in the markets we serve.

In the US today, there are an estimated 7 million private companies that are led by CEO’s/Owners that are over 55 years of age and therefore need a transition plan. Also, over the past few years over $2 Trillion have been raised by private equity/debt funds to find and invest in these companies. At the same time, strategic acquirers are constantly exploring “buy versus build” strategies to expand product lines and geographic footprints as well as gain manufacturing scale. They too view these private companies as growth engines.

I believe passionately about having a career that has “meaning.” That there is a place to play in helping people. Many of our clients are business leaders that have spent their lifetimes building great companies with little need for outside capital. It is my belief that with the trillions of dollars of capital being raised to buy successful private companies, that there is role to be an advocate for the entrepreneurial community. While I often say, “its only adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing” the work that goes into helping entrepreneurs monetize their life’s work is very serious and also incredibly rewarding. Having been former operators buying companies, selling companies and raising hundreds of millions of dollars of capital, I think we have a unique perspective to offer.

I am excited by the road ahead!