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Think Different


How did marketers respond to the unprecedented challenges set this year by COVID-19? To overcome issues resulting from the pandemic, systemic racism and social unrest, companies needed to take inspiration from Apple’s infamous campaign and “think different.” Oaklins’ creative services specialist John Kaiser reviews industry developments and offers thoughts on how lessons from 2020 may impact the future of creativity.

Studies demonstrate the strong impact of creativity on financial performance and the business imperative of making a commitment to customers, especially in times of uncertainty. We give examples of how the creative community forged ahead with inspired and inspiring campaigns, such as those supporting Black Lives Matter, in spite of cuts in media spending. As change begins at home, we also look at how firms tackled diversity from within their own ranks.

In addition, we examine why marketers who integrate creativity and data drive more growth, with examples of how data-driven creativity can be used not only to develop ideas but in the campaigns themselves.

While companies ramped up their digital transformation process during the pandemic, what impact did spending cuts have on digital advertising? We chart digital marketing’s expanding share of the global ad spend.

"M&A fell off during the first half of the year, however a rebound is underway — supported by the recent vaccine breakthroughs. There is renewed appetite for creative services — particularly those with capabilities that helped companies weather the pandemic and that will continue to be of interest when COVID-19 is behind us."
John Kaiser, Creative Services Specialist, Oaklins

The way companies responded during the pandemic proved a defining moment for many. As we reflect on how some companies presented their accountability and purpose creatively, we extract lessons learned that might serve as a blueprint for the future.

Finally, we provide some insights into the future of M&A in the creative services sector and pick out key target areas, aligned with current trends, likely to prove attractive to buyers in 2021.

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